Why Should We Keep Learning?

As I think back on my journey, all the things I have done have taught me something and has lead me to where I am now. I hope I am smart enough to continue to use all the knowledge that is presented to me.
My sister (mother of two, grandmother of one) is a great example of this. At age 60 something she went back to school and obtained her GED. I am thinking this was something she felt she had missed, and we are all very proud of her.

Joyce_GED_FamilyI guess what I am saying is that it is never too late! As artists we strive to learn new techniques, and attend classes/workshops from many talented people.

Class_Karen_teacher-EditI would love to hear what you have learned, and hope to learn, in your endeavors. Maybe it’s a new tool, technique, a new mentor you are following, or a new direction your inspirations are taking you in.
So let’s keep learning! As an added benefit, it keeps you young!