Heading Into the First Show of the Season

It’s been a busy week for me! I’m trying to get ready for a show. It’s a 3-day show;  so a little bigger than what I usually do. My question is are we ever ready? If you are like me, you never feel ready. I’m trying to get away from the stress feeling before a show; things like: “Do I have enough work made?”, “How are my prices?”, etc. I’m trying to be more prepared and making lists of what is left to do. I’m sure many artists feel this, I just have to keep working on it. What are your tips on prepping for a show and managing the stress that goes with that?

One thing I did do for myself this week was to take a creative writing course taught by Abby Hathorn, a blog writer and investigative journalist for the Johnson City Press, here at The Warriors Canvas. We laughed a lot, had a lot of fun, and I found out there is no right or wrong way to do it!  I can even be kind of funny. We were given an exercise to write about the person next to us. I wrote how he was on his way to work and forgot his shoes, but he had a pair of sandals and used them thinking it was casual Friday; when he got to his desk he realized it was only Thursday. The class seemed to like my writing and it gave me a little more confidence. If you get a chance you should take one. I will definitely be taking more classes there! As usual I had my media team (Tom) there with me, and he put together a snip-it from the class. Check out the video below:


As always, be sure to check out my new store! I’ll be adding more products in the coming week. I wish everyone a happy and productive week!



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